Your Story, God's Testimony

Hey parents!

Over the course of the last few weeks, I've been thinking of ways to equip students to share the love of Jesus with the people in their communities (especially at school).  Then it hit me that of course one of the best ways is to share our stories with others. So then why don't we do it? Why don't we share our stories with others? I think all of us at some level struggle with other people judging us, but this is so incredibly apparent at the Jr. High level. So over the last two weeks, I wanted to give students the opportunity to share their stories in front of their peers, without any judgement.  I thought, "If they could just get on stage in front of their Christian peers and share their stories, that's just one step closer to being able to do it out in their communities." My hope is that the students feel just a little more confident in sharing their stories. The reality is that God is the one who did all of the work in the testimony.  God is really the main character in our stories, and it should be our goal to glorify him through that! I really challenge you, if you have never shared YOUR (yes you, the parent) story with your child, do so.  Be an example to them of God's love and grace and then take it a step further and share it with the people around you.  Your story is more powerful than you think, no matter what your story is. No story is boring to God. Either way you became His child and that delights him more than anything else.  Have a blessed weekend!! Next week will be our last midweek of the school year and we're ending with a Pool Party (see Events for all the info!).