The Heart of Worship - Week 1

Hey there parents!!

Today we looked at worship and why we sing/use music as a form of worship.  We studied the history of musical worship and learned that King David was a huge proponent of worshiping God through song.  In 1 Chronicles 16, David gives instructions to two of his leaders on how they ought to worship. Through this passage, we learned five reasons why we sing as a form of worship:

  1. Worship through singing is corporate. (verse 23)

  2. Music can spread the good news. (verse 24)

  3. Even the Earth sings his praises. So should we! (verse 32-33)

  4. Music can speak to us in a way that just spoken words sometimes can’t

  5. Songs are literally part of the Bible (Psalms)

After that we talked about how when we express ourselves during worship, it's an outward expression of what's happening in our hearts.  That's why people raise their hand, get on their knees, etc.  We did talk about how worship is not a perfect formula.  Everyone worships differently, but it's something we should all participate in.  David clearly thought it was important and he was a man after God's own heart! We challenged the students to really think about how they are going to be part of our corporate worship every week.  

Hopefully this helps you continue the discussion at home! Have a great week!