New Series on Worship!

Hey parents!

For the next three weeks on Sunday morning, we're going to be focusing on Worship! The first week we will be focusing on worship through means of music (since it is the most common form in today's society.  The next week we'll focus on how OTHER cultures (such as Africa) worship God.  The last week we'll focus on how worship is not just music and how it's can be in many forms.  

So why are we doing this series? With the new 7th graders coming in, I wanted to make sure they understand the importance of worship. I know in Pier 456 they have a worship time where they play hyped up songs and dance around (WHICH IS GREAT!), but worship is so much more than just that. I've found that students often feel awkward during our worship time where we have a small band playing every week (sometimes just a guitar). They stand their awkwardly not knowing what to do, and it dawned on me that we've never taught them what the time is about! So my hope is that after these three weeks that worship time will become a time where they connect with the Lord of universe and they don't just stand their with their arms folded.  I'll be posting on Sunday with an outline of the sermon, with the questions we asked them, and the challenge we gave them.  Have a great week!