Why We Do Invite Nights

Hey there parents!!

Last night was our last invite night of the year and we had a BLAST! We had over 55 people attend and 12 first time guests! Nights like last night can be such a great reminder why youth ministry is so important. As we interact with students, we learn their stories... both hurts and triumphs.  Last night I had the privilege of speaking with a female student who had never been to church before or had any kind of experience with God.  Not only did she enjoy herself, but she accepted Christ! I also met another student who believes in many gods, and isn't really sure what he believes.  He said after hearing the gospel that he's interested in hearing more, and that's a huge victory as well.  Our prayer is that he KEEPS coming and eventually does accept Jesus as the ONE true God.  

Stories like these really remind us why we do these crazy nights.  It's not just for fun, but so that students can hear the gospel and receive Jesus. THAT is what makes all of this SO worth it! God is so good and I'm so thankful to be in youth ministry. Can't wait for what comes next!