Ruth Chapter 2

Hey parents!

Today we read Ruth chapter 2 and discussed God's provision in Ruth's life.  This is the chapter where Ruth meets Boaz and he shows kindness to her by allowing her to work on his fields. Boaz is so moved by Ruth's courage in staying with her mother-in-law that he insists that she doesn't go anywhere and even eats with her.  The chances of this happening to Ruth is so unlikely that it has to be divine intervention.  God provides for Ruth in a way that she recognizes God is blessing her for her obedience in going with Naomi.  I can think of several times in my life when God has provided for me when he's called me somewhere. For example, I went to Uganda Africa two years ago.  I knew I was called to go, but had absolutely no way to pay for it on my minimum wage salary.  However, God still found a way to provide the means for me AND my husband to go.  To be honest, I'm still not sure how we both were able to come up with that much money, but I do know that God was the one who provided that for us.  

When was a time in your life/family that God has provided for you what you need? How often do we miss God's blessing? Reflect on those times with your students and count your blessings (big and small).  Have a great week!