Ruth Chapter 1

Hey parents!

This last Sunday we started a new series called "Lessons from Ruth" and we'll be going through one chapter of Ruth each week.  Last Sunday we introduced Ruth to the students.  Ruth is a moabite woman who experiences tremendous loss in just the first few verses of chapter one.  Ruth loses her husband that she's been married to for 10 years and in this culture being a widow is one of the worst things that could happen to you.  You have to rely on the kindness of others and hope that you can get remarried (that's the best case scenario).  In this chapter we learn that Ruth decides to stay with her mother-in-law Naomi as she journey's back to Judah. Ruth knows that the Israelite God is the true God and he will give her the strength she needs to endure whatever will come her way in Judah. Moabites and Israelites do not get along so for Ruth to willingly go with Naomi shows her incredible reliance on God and humility. How often do we rely on our own strength to get through tough times? Lets take this lesson from Ruth of relying on God's strength to endure and apply it to our own lives.  Most of us have experienced loss like Ruth, and we know that God blesses her in her journey in Judah. Our challenge to the students is to read the book of Ruth with us and pull lessons from Ruth. I encourage you to read along with us! Stay tuned for Chapter 2.