The Power of a Testimony

A few times a year, I like to have my leaders take the stage and share their testimonies in front of students.  This accomplishes a couple things: 1) it gives my leaders an opportunity to share their stories with the students 2) it gives students insight into the people they look up to 3) it shares the gospel in an easy way with the students 4) it provides students with an example of how to share their testimony.

Today we had the privilege of hearing Grant's testimony who has been in youth ministry for 15 years.  Grant talks about God's plan for his life and how he went from being an atheist to a serving believer.  My hope is that God's story is a testament to God's grace and inspires the students to share their faith stories (or come one step closer to accepting Christ!).  

I challenge you to ask your kids, "When did you accept Christ?" 

Some of you might already know the answer.  That's great! Then ask them if they've shared the love of Christ with any of their friends and discuss some fears they may have about sharing Jesus with their peers.  

Have a wonderful week and Happy 4th of July!