Pretty Little Lies Series

Hey there parents!

The last few weeks on Wednesday nights we've been discussing lies that we believe sometimes as Christians that seem great, but really aren't.  This coming Wednesday will be our last week on this series and from now on I'll try to post ahead of time so you all know what we're learning, but for now I'll post a recap!  

Last week we discussed the difference between Happiness and Joy.  Did you know that the word "happy/happiness" is used in the Bible less than ten times where as the word "joy/joyful" is used hundred of times?  We often believe that God wants us to be happy above anything else and this can be detrimental to our faith!  The word "happiness" comes from the word "happenings" which means something good must happen for happiness to happen.  Whereas anyone can be joyful through God despite our circumstances which is what God wants for us cause he knows we will go through storms.  But only He can give us joy which will lead to peace!  

This upcoming week, Pastor Shawn Beaty will be speaking!  I'll have another blog post reaping what he teaches on.  Have a great week!

Alyssa Albee