Porterville Recap!

Hey there parents!

I just wanted to share with you all about our latest Spring Break mission trip in Porterville! It was an AWESOME week! I took a total of 10 kids with me for this trip and they were all so great.  If you don't know why we went to Porterville of all places, it's because Clovis Hills has a church plant there called The Hills.  Pastor Esteban Mendezibal runs a congregation out there of about 40-50 people and they are constantly growing.  We went to the church to help them in preparation for their big Easter relaunch and it was a success! We painted their bathrooms, built desks and cabinets, sorted clothes for their resource center, stuffed over 2000 Easter Eggs, painted two of their outside doors passed out flyers, and a variety of other little projects.  Needless to say, we accomplished a lot that week.  The whole point of the week was to point the community to their Easter service and I'm happy to say that we did just that! Many people came for the first time and there were around TEN salvations that day! How cool is it that we were able to be part of that day by serving them? I'm so incredibly proud of the kids.  I'll be honest, most pastors go into mission trips with students just praying that the students are ACTUALLY helpful to the people they are serving rather than a burden. I can safely say that while there were times when we created some chaos, the students were ultimately a blessing to The Hills.  Now THAT is something worth celebrating. I cannot wait until our next mission trip in 2019 so we can "suffer for the Lord" again!