Social Media - Last Week

Hey parents!

This week we wrapped up our final week of the Social Media series.  On Wednesday we challenged the students to look at what they spend most of their time on.  For a lot of us, whether we realize it or not, it's on social media. Many students admitted to spending 1+ hours on just Snapchat alone! Sometimes it's hard to admit that something as simple as Social Media has control of our lives.  An old worship pastor of mine once said, "Worship and how you spend your time is a response to the thing you love most."  It's clear to me that what we spend most of our time on is the thing that we love most and it almost becomes a god in our lives.  

This series was really a challenge to the students to spend less time on social media, and more with God.  Ask your child, "Are you willing to give [insert thing] up?" If they aren't, chances are it has a big hold on their heart that maybe they didn't even realize was there.  How different would our lives look if we spent the time we spend on these temporary things on the things of God? Let put down the phone, and pick up our Bibles.  Let's not look for validation from others, but pray that God would fill us up.  

"You shall have no other gods before me." -Excodus 20:3