Heart of Worship - Week 2

Often times we can feel like a certain style of worship is the "correct way" of worshipping God and we can get caught up in worshipping God only if we feel Him.  This is something that we're striving to correct.  Today we focused on this very point by showing the kids different worship styles.  We had Mike Hazelrigg from the unplugged service come and play a hymn, and we also showed the kids videos from people in Africa worshipping Jesus! Both of these styles are obviously very different, but both styles glorify Jesus.  This is the whole point we're trying to make.  Sometimes it doesn't matter what style of worship is playing.  Where is your heart? We can often get caught up in the style of music, that we forget the whole purpose of why we're singing in the first place. So ask your kids (and yourself!), where is your heart when we sing? Is it towards God?  Or it it focused on our selfish desires?